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Title Show off
Submitted By f1fan1978
Story Date Nov 14, 2012, 6:51 pm

My wife seems to get a kick out of showing off skin. I've seen photos of her as a teenager; short shorts and tank tops with no bra and hard nips. She never really dressed like that with me until about a year after our son was born. I think she enjoyed letting her 'twins' go free from the confines of a bra. We were going to a large lake with her boss and co-workers, and the morning we left, she couldn't decide what to wear. She tried on a skimpy red bikini that she wore when we first got married, but she was afraid of the top falling off since we would be water skiing. She ended up with shorts and a lose fitting top; and I noticed right away that she wasn't wearing a bra. I said something to her about it, and her response was they shouldn't be looking. Right; a sexy 24 year old who bends over bra-less and any normal red-blooded man isn't going to take a peak. Well we got to the lake and every time she'd bend over you could see the 4 other men watching her and getting a show of her perky 34Bs. I was starting to get pissed off, but she told me to knock it off. She decided it was her time to water ski, so she put on her life vest and jumped in. She was really enjoying herself, and when she finally stopped and got back into the boat; my jaw almost hit the floor. She took off her life vest and it was spring break in Florida. Her nipples and breasts were clearly visible for all to see, her top became all but see-thru. She seemed to enjoy all of the attention, guys asking her if she needed a drink and such, and i was really annoyed. Nothing else happened the rest of the day, and on the drive home I was giving her grief about putting on a show when she said 'It makes me horny having guys look at me'. I pulled to the side of the road and pulled her shorts down and buried my cock inside her wet pussy. She couldn't get enough; she even sucked my cock as we drove home. We decided if that's what got her off; I'm all for it. She would purchase clothing that barely covered her tits, and we'd go to a park and I'd let her do her thing as i watched in the background. It was fun to see the reactions of men and teenage boys as she'd bend over and they'd get a nice down blouse view of her tits. Every time we'd fuck like rabbits whenever we'd get home. My favorite happened at the local pool where she was wearing a swimsuit where the top was probably made for C or D cups, and she had B cups. She was seated on her towel, and if you walked by and happened to look down, her breasts were in full view. Word must've spread pretty quickly because it seemed like every man or teenage boy walked past her to get to the concession stand. I watched as countless guys looked down catching a free show. She told me her nipples were so hard that she thought they'd burst thru her suit. When it was time to leave, she told me that she could wait no longer, we got into the car and fucked in the back row of the parking lot. How I miss those she's 50 and still looks good for her age; but never shows off skin any longer.