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Title Hot mother-in-law
Submitted By f1fan1978
Story Date Oct 29, 2012, 8:51 pm

My wife's mother was only 17 when she had my wife. When we got married my wife was only 19, so her mom was only 36. She was attractive, although i thought her daughter looked better. I never really paid attention to her body until a year or so after we got married. She came to a water park with my wife and I, and i noticed that her tits were larger than my wife's. My wife had perky 34Bs; and I estimated her mom's to be probably 36Ds. I was seated beside the pool when the 2 of them jumped in to cool off. When her mom got out, my jaw nearly hit the pavement. Her 'swimsuit' was actually an aerobic workout suit, so when wet her nipples and breasts were clearly visible for all to see. My cock got hard in a second, and I had to stay seated so she wouldn't see me erection. It also didn't seem to bother her that all of the men were staring at her chest. I had the feeling that all wasn't right at home between her and my father-in-law. Less than a year later he passed away, so we moved in with her so she wouldn't loose the house. That spring i was doing yard work near dusk when the light came on in the bathroom. It was her mom who walked over to the window and took off her top, revealing 2 of the nicest looking tits that I'd ever seen. I felt that she did it on purpose, since she knew I was working outside. A couple weeks later, i was banished to the spare bedroom because of my snoring. One morning i needed to pee, so i was going to go across the hall to the bathroom. I noticed the door was closed, so I waited looking thru a crack in the door. The door opened and it was her mom. I was going to go right into the bathroom, but for some reason I stopped to see what she would do. She turned on the light in her room and removed her nightshirt, revealing a trim sexy body with massive tits, a sweet ass and trimmed pussy. I noticed right away that the carpet didn't match the drapes; her pubic hair was red and the hair on her head was brown. My cock was throbbing as I watched her brush her hair naked, then I found my tube sock and stroked my cock wishing that I was fucking her. I shot tons of sticky cum into the sock and waited for a few minutes before using the bathroom. I wondered to myself if this was a fluke thing or not; so the next morning I was up before her and waited. Sure enough, she did the same thing every morning, never shutting her door and dressing in front of me. I ruined many tube socks by masturbating in them. About 6 months later I was home from work sick whenever i heard a sound from her room that sounded like crying. i crept out of my room and stood at her doorway. She was naked in bed, rubbing her swollen clitoris bringing herself to orgasm. She saw me and asked' wanna give me a hand'? I needed no coaxing; i was naked in a second and got into bed next to her. We started kissing as my left hand started rubbing her clit, my right hand squeezing her huge tits. I stroked her to orgasm, she practically forced her tongue down my throat as she climaxed. She told me to lay back and enjoy. With that she put my hard cock in her cleavage and rubbed her tits on my cock. Then she quickly bent over and took my entire 8 inch cock in her mouth. She was an expert cocksucker, something her daughter really lacked the skill to do properly. She rubbed my balls as she blew me and i couldn't hold it any longer, shooting tons of warm cum in her mouth. She swallowed everything, never gagging and never stopping; sucking my cock until I was erect again. then she told me to get ready. With that she lowered herself onto my cock and rode me like a bronco. I'm guessing that she hadn't been laid in years, because she fucked my brains out. She hopped of and told me to fuck her from behind. I entered her wet waiting pussy fucking her doggy style. Her tits bounced back and forth with each thrust, and I came deep inside her after a few more minutes of fucking. She said 'let's clean up', so we got into the shower and fucked some more. I got dressed, went back to bed and my wife got home from work, none the wiser. She worked every Tuesday evening, and that was my night to fuck her mother. This went on for a couple of years, the best sex I've ever had; until she met some guy and got re-married. She comes to visit a couple of times a year, without her hubby, and we still fuck like rabbits whenever she visits. Older, experienced women are the best lovers, because they appreciate sex.