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Title neighbor's son
Submitted By showerwife
Story Date Jul 7, 2011, 5:00 am

I'm not sure how this all got started but my story begins last summer. My husband and I live in the Ontario area. We are both 40 and have two great kids. We love each other very much and have a great life. However last summer a new family moved next door. They have one son who is 20 and has been in and out of trouble. We have been nice to them but kept our distance.

We have a great back yard with a pool and an outdoor shower. My husband and our boys went camping one weekend but I decided to stay home and get some yard work done. After a long day of planting I was hot and tired so I jumped in our pool and then headed for the outdoor shower. Our yard is very private so I took off my bathing suit and began to shower off. I must have been very tired and did not hear footsteps approaching the shower. When I turned off the shower and turned around there stood Dave the neighbor's son holding my towel. I was shocked and tried to cover my wet body with my arms and hands. I asked him what the hell he was doing there and he just laughed and said he came over to "help". I asked him to give me the towel but he just laughed and said he had a surprise for me. I tried to walk around him but he is 6'2" and muscular so I was stuck. Dave dropped my towel and then stripped off his shirt and shorts. His cock was fully hard and about 9" long with a big head.

I was in total shock. He backed me into the shower and sat down on the bench and grabbed my hips and pulled me to him. I tried to break free but he held me tight and kept grinning at me. He ran his hands all over my body and began sucking on my nipples. At this point I could not control him or myself as he started to finger my pussy. He eventually walked me out of the shower to a lounge chair, laid me down and ate my pussy for what seemed like an eternity. As much as I tried to think about my husband I was having orgasm after orgasm. Dave got on top of me and pushed his huge cock into me. I couldn't believe how big he was. I came four or five times while he fucked me in several positions.

I was so out of control I didn't even realize that he was not wearing a condom when he came inside me. When he was done he rolled off and lay next to me sucking on my tits and playing with my pussy. I told him he was a piece of shit for doing this to me but he just laughed and said he he would be back for more later. I told him that he was never to come back but again he just laughed and pointed to his fence showing me a video camera which recorded the whole fuck session. He told me that no one would see it but he would fuck me whenever he wanted to.

He has been fucking me since then and I have become addicted to his cock. My husband's 6" cock no longer satisfies me and I have to pretend to come when we fuck. When no one is home he comes over and does what he wants to me including anal sex and the use of vibrators. He is an obnoxious asshole but he is a great fuck and has me whenever he wants to.