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Title Naked in the woods
Submitted By Flasher
Story Date Jan 4, 2010, 12:04 am

When its summer I like to go to a spot in woods close to where I live.
Its a heavily leaved area at the side of a field that has a canal bank at the side where people walk.
I always wear shorts with no underware and t shirt so I can dress quickley if the need arises.
I was standing in my spot with my binoculars so I can see them clear at a distance,when along came a woman,about 30 long dark hair with long black coat and quite good looking.
I allready had a hard on and decided it was going to be her lucky day.
I stripped off my clothes and waited till I knew she would see me,my heart pounding with what I was
about to do.
I plucked up the courage and walked out of my spot into the field in plane view and just stood in full frontal view wanking my cock.
She must have been miles away cause she didnt see me.
I thought if you just look across the canal you will see a full grown naked man wanking.
I whistled and she looked and stopped walking and just stared at me with
A face of shock.
I exploded cum everywhere turned to show my ass and went back to my spot to grab my things and go.
As I was leaving I could hear her shouting "dont go show me again I want a better look"
I peeped at her Decided to get away when she shouted again
"please show yourself again,look"
I peeped again and noticed she had opened her coat and was about to flash back.
I stepped out with clothes on and she said "no I want you naked"
I said only if she would flash me.
She lifted her top and showed me her bra so I took off my clothes again and she pulled her jeans down and showed me her ass.
I lay on the grass and wanked again and didnt notice her taking pics on her phone.
I got up and ran away with her shouting"nice cock and ass mate ive got you on my phone and im gonna show it.
Best time ever.