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Title Three Years As A Harem Slave Girl
Submitted By foxmore_kara
Story Date Jan 11, 2009, 4:06 pm

Three years ago I was abducted and flown to the middle east and ended up in a harem as a slave to a rich sultan, upon my arrival I was stripped naked and every inch of my body examined in the presence of two large black men, then bathed by slave girls and all the hair on my body waxed and removed except for my head, I was given a g-string and see though pantaloon pants, a bollaro top opened in the front, a see through veil and a small cap and sent to a room with six other girls in it, The girls were from europe and asia, very beautiful and all spoke english and all under the age of 20, The next day a well dressed man came in the room and greated us by saying, welcome to the palace of his royal highness, I hope your stay here will be a pleasent one, your life have been completly investigated and we made sure nobody is looking for you so there is no hope of leaving the kingdom, your life here will be a life of luxury and pampering, you will have your own servents and as long as you behave you should be very happy here, but like little girls if you break the rules you will be severly spanked. our whip master is very skilled and loves his will be taught the art of lovemaking and how to please a man in the ways of the harem. we were told to lose our modesty, just by looking at the scanty clothes we were waring sent a message that we were expected to dance naked for the sultan at his partys and functions. that afternoon we were escorted on a tour of the harem,our private bedrooms had ther own bathroom,a large bed and a small bed for the servent girl, outside there was a large lounging area that we all gather and play games, talk and do girl things, just outside the lounge there was a large room with a swimming pool and a very large bathtub then if you went outside the building the was lake with a sandy beach all fenced in with guard towers to keep outsiders out and us in. the next day we were all getting our clitoral hoods pierced and a solid gold ring inserted, we were all frightened, I was stripped naked by two eunicks and restained spread eagle on a table, a doctor came over and said to me that he will numb the area and I won't feel a thing, he said I have a very beautiful vagina and will make his highness very happy he then gently cleaned my clitoral hood and started to pierce it and insert the ring, I must admit there was no pain, just a pinch, half the girls were done and the other half of the girls were done a few weeks later so his highness could still have his harem girls to enjoy while our clitoris healed.
A few days later two of the girl were caught fighting over something stupid, the head eunick said both of the girls would get six lashes each the next day, well the time came and we all were sent to a special room to watch the punishment, when we entered to room one of the girls was hung naked from the ceiling with her legs spread wide, strapped to the floor and on the tips of her toes , as I looked around the room there were whips, paddles, canes and all kind of restaints and tools to inflict pain, in the room, I noticed a horse type bench for spanking, there were four men, two eunicks and us four harem slave girls, the whip master entered the room bare chested with his mussels bulging, the head eunick said the whip master will be using a special whip for girls that won't cut or damage the skin but stings like fire and once a girl tastes it she will do anything not to taste it again, he says the whip master is to apply the lash just on her butt checks, I must admit she looks so sexy and beautiful being restrained naked and helpless with her cute butt hole and pussy exposed from the rear for every one to see. then the whip master arched his wrist and the lash flew out with just the tip striking her beautiful butt check, she screemed in agony and jerked against the restraints. all the girls were looking in horror and after the last lash was adminstered the girl was removed from her restaints and helped to her room so the doctor could help ease her pain and comfort her. then the next girl was brought in to receive the same punishment. right then I said to my self, we are very spoiled and pampered but if we brake the rules we are severly punished.
well a few weeks passed and my clit was completly healed and I was told that I was to get sensitivity tested, I was brought to a room, stripped naked and of coarse infront of eunicks and male observers placed on my back restrained spread eagle on a special table and was told that the sensitivity testing is to test for my sexual tolerance and it could by very enjoyable, they are going to stimulate my clitoris, libia and entire vaginal area, then my boobs and then turn me over and stimulate my anus and anal area, they will be using electrical stimulation, massage stimulation, dildos and tickling the male tech said I look very beautiful restained naked and helpless and he will do everthing he can to prolong my pleasure, I was told by one of the girls that it feels so good but can be a torture and they film it so his highness can watch it, he loves to see his girls struggle and fight against to restraints he even has a girl restrained spread eagle and tickles her vagina and anus untill she can't stand it, he is old and loves to watch naked young slave girls being spanked and examined. one of the girls was rude to a eunick and was to be paddled we were brought to the special punishment room where the girl was secured onto the spanking horse, she was bent over naked ,her hands and her feet were strapped so her butt was completly exposed with her beautiful butt hole and vagina peeking out at us. the whip master came in with a large paddle and started to swing, she was crying and screeming to no avail, her butt was fire red and after twenty strokes he stopped. a few days later we were told that we will be taught how to please a man, a boy was brought in to the room only waring a uniform shirt that just covered his middrift above the bellie button with no pants, his cute penis was totally exposed and bounced as he walked, I was told that he is just one of the palace page boys and thats how they are dressed and since I have never seen a naked man I got very excited that us girls were going to give him a complete examination and lean all about how his cute penis works, he was stripped of his shirt and shoes placed on a table in the center of the room and restrained spread eagle with his butt raised up completley naked so his penis was totaly exposed and at the center of attention, I guess his nudity didn't bother him since his jobs uniform required him to be nude from the waste down, now with the girls in the room and his cute penis being stiff, played with, kissed, licked and tickled it started to throb and shoot cum out the top, the instuctors were very happy, the boy was released and let go to continue his page boy job. well after three years of being a harem slave girl, being pampered, humiliated, spanked, screwed, tickle tortured and whatever, I was finally released and told it was to make room for new and younger girls to come in and start there training, I was given three million dollars and a first class plane ticket and only being twenty three have a whole life ahead of me.. PLEASE..IF YOU LIKE THIS STORY VOTE FOR IT..