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Title ex wife was a total gangbang slut
Submitted By lisaluvs2
Story Date Feb 17, 2006, 1:52 am

His ex-wife was a total gangbang slut --story of her first Gangbang
by Buck Futt

This events occurred eight years ago, back when Buck, my iance, was still married to this mean, nasty bitch. Her one saving grace was her sexual stamina -- she outfucked a dozen guys at this party we went to at the home of this porn actrerss. Here's what happened...
As told by buck...

We had just delivered a new video web site to a local pro-am porn actress and her producer/director husband. To celebrate the opening of their new site, the couple threw a big party and invited my wife, myself and our housemate to the affair. Although my wife and I had enjoyed threesomes before and had swapped partners with other couples, this party would be an opportunity for one of our favorite sexual fantasies to become a reality. (In my wife's fantasy, she is hired by a group of well hung, dominate men who use her as their very submissive fuck toy all nite long. My long standing fantasy is that I'm attending a bachelor party where no one knows that the beautiful woman providing all the nasty entertainment for the event is in reality, my darling slutwife. )

So we all were looking forward to this party. My wife was trying to decide what she was gonna wear - something casual, very sexy but easy to remove! It was summer time so she decided to wear just a black, crop top t-shirt and a very tight little pair of black short shorts. No bra or panties. She looked so hot and nasty - especially with bottom half of her breasts and her nipple rings peaking out from under the crop top. Her little shorts made the outline of her pussy lips and labia ring clearly visible too. Nothing subtle about my wife's little outfit, including her black patent platform shoes with the six inch heels that just screamed "Fuck me!!". Her choice of attire left no question or doubt about what my wife was expecting today!

As we climbed into our van, my spouse sat down in one of the rear seats. Pulling out a mirror, she touched up her makeup and told us how she hoped she would get the opportunity to be the center of attention during the party. The housemate and I both looked back at her and her outfit that she had on, then looked back at each other. Both of us guys broke into big grins. The house mate tells my wicked wife -

"Hey, you have nothing to worry about. With that sexy outfit you have on,
you are gonna be the center of attention for ALL of the guys at this party..."

The party began in the afternoon, outside by the pool and it was expected to last well into the nite. When we arrived, some couples plus a few single guys were already here. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Party chitchat, flirting and drinking. The single guys were polite and friendly to the couples. No pressure or any sort of pushiness. Everyone made a comment about my wife's party clothes and she used the opportunity to talk about her sexual fantasy. As the party continued, more guests arrived but no one left.

It was completely dark outside now. Almost everyone was hanging out in the living room where the buffet was being served. There were around a dozen couples there with an larger contingent of solo male guests. From working on the website, we easily recognized the co-workers of our hostess. No one would have guessed there was anything unusual about this party.

I went outside to see if I could help our housemate and the porn star's husband, who were cooking up the last of the meat on the BBQ grill. After a few minutes I wandered back into the house to get another beer. A group of guys were chatting up my wife. It was obvious they were discussing something of great interest to my spouse. She was smiling, giggling and nodding her head affirmatively as they talked and laughed. When she saw I was back in the house, she motioned with her finger to indicate that she was headed into the rear part of the house, where the bedrooms were located. I gave her a big smile and nodded back. So she left the living room with an entourage of eager males. I followed everyone into a small back bedroom.

Our party host and hostess had obviously prepared this room for use during the celebration. The shades were drawn in the darkened bedroom, which was empty except for a lamp in the corner of the room and a large mattress covered with some sheets.

Even though it was her first time, my wife didn't look nervous as she kneeled down on the mattress. She rubbed the crotches of a couple of nearby guys and then began to massage her own breasts. One of the guys started kissing my wife. He gently touched her breast and she let out an audible moan. Several hands began to touch her and I saw her eyes close with a big smile on her face. It was pretty obvious how excited she was. Someone pulled up the front of her cropped T-shirt and hands were soon fondling her breasts, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. Within a minute or two, her crop top came off and her little shorts followed quickly. She was naked except for her platform heels.

Three or four guys were touching and titillating the most sensitive parts of her body and she had one of the guy's dick in her hand and started stoking it. I just wanted to watch the action at that point, so I stayed towards the back of the group of guys who now surrounded my wife.

The host and our housemate had come back into the house, noticed we weren't in the living room and figured that we were up to something in the back of the house. They strolled into the little bedroom and both of them broke into big smiles when they saw that my wife was being entertained by a small group of guys. As soon as my wife noticed the two of them, she motioned for the house mate to come over to her. He did so and my wife unzipped his pants, took out his cock and began to stroke it. When he was semi hard, she began licking the head of his cock and then slid his swelling member into her mouth.

While my wife was sucking off the housemate, the porn director husband of our hostess slipped off his clothes and got the other guys to do the same. He was quite comfortable playing the role of porn director since that's what he did for a living. He had a bottle of massage oil that smelled strongly of coconut. He squirted some oil on his hands and asked my spouse to lay down on the mattress. He poured massage oil on to my wife's tits, stomach and other good places. There were hands rubbing the oil all over my wife's naked body. They paid lots of attention to her tits and I heard my wife tell the guys how great it felt when they rubbed the oil over her hairless pussy.

She then rolled over and pulled one of the dudes down onto the mattress. She got up on her knees, grabbed his dick with one hand and began sucking on his cock. She spread her pussy lips open with her free hand. No mistaking what she wanted done with that none-to-subtle invitation!

One of the guys instantly took up a position behind my wife. He rubbed his hard cock against her. Her eyes suddenly pop open when he shoved his cock hard into her well lubed pussy. She alternated sucking on the cocks in front of her as the guy behind her fucked my wife. After a couple of minutes, he moved out of the way and our party host took his place. I got a hard on just watching my wicked wife and the half dozen guys who now encircled her, all of them waiting impatiently for their turn to fuck her.

It was just so cool seeing look on the face of my spouse sucking the three guys in front of her. She very much enjoyed being the center of attention. Our host let someone else take over his coveted spot. My wife guided the new guy into her twat with her hand. She serviced the three guys in front of her as the others waited for their turn in the driver's seat. It was easy to tell my cumslut wife was in heaven by what she was saying the guys. It was equally obvious just how much every guy in the group enjoyed using my wife as their fuck toy by their comments

At one point she stopped sucking and said she wanted someone to get underneath her. In a NY nanosecond, a guy was positioned under her as the circle closed in around her. It was very nasty to watch her being serviced by two guys and her giving head and hand jobs to two guys on each side of her. She was moaning and repeating how good it felt. She would occasionally let out a muffled scream with a cock down her throat. The party host sat down over by me and said how much fun it was for him to be an active participant for a change. After he had caught his breath, he left the room but soon returned with some more guys who quickly joined the fun.

I couldn't see what the two guys were doing but it looked like they were taking turns fucking her pussy. One of the guys getting sucked was about to shoot his load and she gobbled his cock as he did. I decided I wanted to get a closer look so I took off my shorts and got on my knees right next to her. I could see a load of jizm had been squirted all over her ass and back. As the guy she was riding fucked her pussy, she would suck each guy for a while as she stroked other cocks with her hands. She stopped sucking in order to catch her breath, so the guy beneath her moved out of the way and we all shifted places. I slid over right in front of her face. My wife look at me with this huge smile then started to suck me while maintaining eye contact. I nodded in silent agreement and told her how much I enjoyed watching her fuck all these men while she sucked my dick.

After a while we changed positions, This time my slutty spouse laid down on her back and spread her legs wide for the guys. Somebody started eating her pussy and diddling with her clit as everyone watched and waited for their turn. Within just a few seconds, she was orgasming like crazy from the guy's tongue. The other guys surrounded her head were face fucking my wife, her screams were muffled by the cocks shoved in her mouth and down her throat. It was so nasty watching her swallow every drop from this one guy's cock when she made him cum while deep throating him.

Then this black dude with a cock that was at least 10 inches long, took the place of the guy eating her. He just slammed it right into her pussy and within three strokes she was screaming again. The other dudes took turns face fucking her. This black guy with the huge cock came hard after a few minutes. Now you could see the cum flowing out her pussy like a river. Another guy got in the driver's seat and started fucking her. He sat on his knees and was taking his cock out of her pussy, rubbing and teasing her clit with other guy's cum covering the head of his dick.

Another guy who had been face fucking my wife pulled his dick out of her mouth and started squirting cum on her face and on her hair. The guy who was fucking her sped up, and within a half dozen strokes he came deeply in her pussy. She got some cum in her eye but someone quickly tossed a towel in and another guy helped her wipe her eyes and face. My wife said she needed to take a break for couple of minutes and all of the guys groaned in unison. My wife laughed and said she'd only be a minute and promised she would be right back. I knew she would be. She was totally loving this scene. She had this starved look in her eyes - like she could not get enuff food and would do anything to get it.

When she returned, she announced to the group that she was their fuck toy to use anyway they wished. She went on to say she wanted to be fucked by everyone as many times as they could. She said she loved being the group's little whore and wanted us to treat her like a cum dumpster. As she had intended, her slutty words really got the guys worked up She began stroking the cocks of a couple of guys. She started sucking on them, stopped and said she had to have two cocks in her this round. Every guy in the room eyes lit up! They grabbed her and pushed her back into the doggie position. She started sucking on the guy's cocks as one guy began humping her pussy gain. You would not believe how her request for a DP and all the slutty talk got all us horny dudes into a frenzy.

Guys who were waiting to fuck her were playing with her ass, tits and rubbing their dicks against her, leaving cum tracks all over her body. One guy had his dick in her pussy now and she was really starting to get off from the rough treatment she was getting. I wasn't worried about the male participants being too rough on her. My wife loved real rough sex.. She was 5-8, around 140 lbs and physically was one of the strongest women I knew. She loved being fucked hard and long. And that's what she wanted. The guy fucking her was slamming his dick into her as hard as he could and she was screaming "Harder! Fuck me harder!". . The guy pulled out of her pussy, put his cock up against her ass, and held it there as the cum started squirting into cum in her ass. She totally loved that and right now she was up for anything and everything.

She squated down on the guy beneath her as the guy who popped his load into her ass backed away. An eager new guy approched her with his dick throbbing in his hand. My slutwife grabbed his cock by the shaft and started rubbing his cock against her bunghole, then shoved his engorged cock all the way into her ass! I wanted to see this up close. As she wrapped her hand around my cock, I told her how totally wicked and nasty she looked with one cock in her ass and one cock in her pussy.

She took my cock and sucked it all the down her throat, my balls against her lips. The two guys had her pussy and asshole really spread open and were both fucking her without any resistance. Her mouth felt so incredible on my cock. She was cumming now as the impact of two cocks was rocking her entire body, head and mouth up and down on my cock.

As I watched the two guys fuck the hell out of my wife's pussy, my cock slid deep down her throat on every stroke. My cock felt like it was gonna explode so I rammed my cock down her throat as far as possible. When I started cumming, she didn't even take a breath as my jizm shot straight down her throat. I thought I was gonna black out for a second but I didn't. IT was that awesome!! When I slid out of the way, another guy took my place. I caught my breath then went and grabbed a soda from the kitchen.

When I returned to the tiny bedroom, it was so crowded in there with participants and spectators that I had to stand in the doorway. The smell of testosterone permeated the air. It was so damn awesome to watch my very wicked wife knowing how much she loved having all these guys fuck her senseless. She had the two guys fucking her ass and pussy as she licked the cock and balls of a another guy standing in front of her. My wife screamed encouragement to the two guys to fuck her harder. The guy fucking her on his knees started cumming, pulled his dick out then shoved it back in her ass. He was cumming really hard deep in her ass. Feeling this happen must of made the other guy go and start squirting his load into her pussy. Both dudes were cumming in her at the same time!

As these two fellows pulled their dicks out of her, spectators were all trying to see, saying how it looked really nasty as cum oozed from both of her fuck holes. I thought my wife was ready to stop but turn out I was wrong. Our housemate moved into position behind my prone wife and she helped guide his throbing cock into her very well lubricated ass. Within a few seconds he began to fuck her with long, deep hard strokes. He looked over and saw me watching in the doorway and between breaths he said something like "She's ... the horniest .... wife... anybody ....has ....ever.... seen." with several of the guys agreeing.

Our housemate continued to hammer her and she was still going strong and wasn't done yet. She was breathing hard and screamed, "FUCK ME HARDER!!" a couple of times. She wasn't ready to stop even after all these guys had fucked her til her pussy and ass overflowed cum! The housemate slammed his 6-5, 240 lbs body into her like a damn machine, fucking her as hard as he could. When he started to cum, he let out a yell. He finished fucking her as she had one more orgasm. The housemate pulled his cock from her ass and laid on top of her body. They lay there in a sweaty heap, both of them completely out of breath and energy. The two of them, along with all the other gangbang participants were totally spent now.

What a performance from my wife! Her entire body and hair were completely drenched with massage oil, sweat and semen. Cum leaked out my slutty spouse's ass and pussy. A dozen guys, in various stages of recovery, were sprawled all over the room. My incredible wife had fucked every single one of those guys until they came once and alot of them twice. If any of those guys had been willing and able, I know she would have jumped on their cocks for another round.

She finally got the energy to get up. She kissed me, our housemate, hugged and said thanks to a couple of other guys. She walked out of the bedroom, cum from her twat dripping down her inner thighs. She was headed for the bathroom and a hot shower.

Some clever wag then remarked that it looked like a damn hurricane had blown thru the bedroom. It was true. My slutty spouse left more than a dozen guys lying in her wake. All of these guys, ravished and completely drained by just one woman. After several of the participants had recovered enough to put some clothes back on, we wandered back into the front room, all somewhat still dazed, to rejoin the rest of the party. Some of those very jaded porn people mumbled to me how impressed they were with my wife's sexual stamina and endurance.

After she showered up and reapplied her makeup, my slut wife eventually rejoined the rest of the party in the front room.. She sat there on the sofa with a drink and a great big smile on her face. As she chatted with people it was obvious that she was quite pleased with her very naughty self.

My wife enjoyed a few other group sex scenes but none of them ever matched her first gangbang in the number of guys involved nor did the subsequent ones have the intensity of her first gangbang.