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Title Wife Exposed herself to a stranger,only to find herself getting Fucked!
Submitted By shywifejulianna
Story Date Dec 15, 2012, 9:03 am

My wife and I had just went shopping at a Mall 1hr away from home. As we were driving on state route 43 when Jul reached over and began rubbing my Cock! I pushed my seat back ,so she could suck my cock! As she was sucking I was pulling her shirt off! My wife has little Titties,but really perky!I Pulled her head up and told her take off your shorts,and underwear,and masterbate for me and Truckers! I watched as my wife was doing as I asked! I drove slow but I was almost home and it was starting to get dark out! We live real close to our exit,but when I headed for town instead of home Jul said OMG we'er gonna get caught! As we drove thru town ,Jul played with her Pussy! I could tell my wife was enjoying the thought of being seen! I parked under a street light by a pizza shop!My wife was laying back against the passenger door,with her legs up toward me my baby was going to show whoever! I saw a guy walking toward us ! I told Jul thers's a guy comming this way! Do you want him to see? She didn't answer ,but she didn't cover up either! I watched as he walked by he didn't see her! Jul asked did he see!I said No! Did you want me to call him over? She smiled ,so I drove past him ,and parked again! As he got close I beeped the horn! He walked over saw my wife fingering! Jul asked him to get in and watch! He jumped in the back seat,leaning between the seats for a good show!He told us his name was Bill,and asked if he could touch her? He squeezed her little titties,but Jul said I need your help ,and pushed his hand to her Pussy! Bill was fingering my wife! Jul told him wait this doesn't feel right! I thought she chickened out ,but to my surprise she climbed into the back seat with him! I watched as my wife was getting fingered as she was kissing him! Jul was surprised when I pulled in at home! Jul told us both I'm only going to masterbat for him ,and give him a handjob! She had me open the door ,and she ran accross the street nude! Jul sat next to him on the couch I handed him a beer,and said Have fun! Bill sucked on my wifes tits as he played with her Pussy! She was breathing heavy ,and was rubbing his neck! I told Jul to give him a blowjob! She said NO! She asked me to get the astroglide oil! I thought she was going to give him a handjob! When I came back in the room she was slurpping his Cock! My Cock went rockhard! She was giving him her best, but he didn't come ! My wife looked at me ,and stopped sucking! She never said anything ,she just Climbed onto his Cock,and rode him bareback! My baby came on his Cock! She got up to get cleaned up ,when he mounted her doggystyle! Bill was going to finish what she started! My wife was cumming again!! She yelled out "FUCK I'M CUMMING" Thats when Bill picked up speed slamming into her ! Bill was cumming in my wife! My wife had a satisified look on her face!